3D Shapify Booth Rental Q/A

Can I rent a Shapify Booth for an event?

Yes! It’s like the photo-booth of the 21st century—the Shapify Booth will be a fresh and innovative addition to any party or event.


Do I need special equipment to help power the Shapify Booth?

We will provide all the equipment and arrive a day prior to the event for set up.


How much power is needed to start up the Shapify Booth? Do we need internet?

We require a 20 watt circuit, if there are two 15 amp circuits in the vicinity then that will work as well.

Rent a Shapify Booth

Holding 3D Shapie from Shapify Booth

How many people can be scanned per hour in the Shapify Booth?

8-12 scans per hour and more than one person can be in each scan.


How many people can fit on the Shapify Booth platform at one time?

About 6 people. If any more join, you will run the risk of a person’s limb getting cut out of the scan.


How will the figurines – “Shapies” – get printed/shipped?

We will print the figurines and ship them to your guests.